Wildlife Lakes Elk Farm – West Burlington, Iowa

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WILDLIFE LAKES ELK FARM – BURLINGTON, IOWA This farm is located just outside of West Burlington to the west where you can see the majestic elk with their huge racks, the females with their young and other wildlife such as geese that visit the ponds at the farm.

Wildlife Lakes Elk Farm is located in Southeast Iowa, about 10 minutes from the mighty Mississippi River, and very close to the city limits of Burlington, Iowa. The owners of the farm has been raising the elk for over 10 years, building the herd that you can see from the highway. Thier farm is dotted with lakes and ponds for wildlife to use.

The owners are now working in cooperation with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources on the Iowa Trumpeter Swan project. It is their goal to bring the Trumpeter Swan back into the wild by releasing the offspring to the wild. They did this with Canadian Geese with great success and now are working to copy that success with the Swans.

The elk meat from the farm is served in a number of restaurants in the area. There is also elk meat available for you to purchase at the farm. Visitors are welcome.

Location: 13852 Washington Rd, West Burlington, Iowa

Phone: Phone 319-752-4659 

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