Apple Tree Museum – Burlington, Iowa Closed

The Apple Tree Museum is no longer open.
Apple Tree Museum – Burlington, Iowa is a general history museum of Des Moines County in Iowa. The picture is of the new museum location.

The museum has been housed at 1616 Dill St. (Located in part of the old Charles Perkins home) in Burlington for a number of years, but due to the growth of the displays the museum is moving at the end of 2007 season (October) when it will move to the old Burlington Public Library building. This move will give the museum considerably more space to display the items of interest to the public.

It features Burlington memorabilia, Native American artifacts and other impressive displays.

History buffs will have to wait until the spring of 2009 for the new museum to open.

Museum Hours

May-Oct: Wed & Sun: 1:30-4:30


No charge. Guided tours for groups $2 per person.

Location after October 2007: old Burlington Public Library building at 501 N. Fourth St, Burllington



  1. George Knopp says:

    A friend & I ,both bor n& raised in Burlington,Now living in different staes,visited the museumon July 13th only to find it closed,but door unlocked ,so we entered and after pleading our case was allowed to see the bottom floor.I noticed that some of the material on Art Hartman did not have much information on him ,.as a result am forwarding by Us Mail some info you might be interested in

    We enjoyed seeing things we remember fron our time growing up in Burlington and thank you for letting us in even though you were closed

    George Knopp—-Oklahoma
    Larry Weidmann–Wisconsin

  2. Julia M. Kasch says:

    My husband’s Mother’s family emigrated from Sweden to Burlington, IA in about 1869. They remained in Burlington until about 1900 when they moved to the Chicago area. Three little girls in the family grew up in Burlington and became quite talented seamstresses. In the 1930′s two of them embroidered two bed spreads to fit twin beds. The workmanship is quite beautiful. They have been removed fromtheir original backing which had caused them to pucker. They are flat now.

    We would like to donate them to a museum in Burlington that might have a display of homes of different periods. These, on twin beds, in a home of the 30′s would be a beautiful addition. We have no idea whom to contact that might have a need for this sort of thing.

    If your museum would not be interested, could you direct me to some directory of museums wanting various things perhaps? Or to some museum that you are aware of? I could apply a new backing for them so that they would be usable immediately if this was wanted.

    Thank you for any information and assistance that you can give us.

    Julia M. Kasch (Mrs. Norman A.)

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