Aunty Green Hotel – Bonaparte, IA

Aunty Green Hotel – Bonaparte, IA
Built in 1844 as the first brick home in Bonaparte this residence was converted to a hotel in 1855.

The hotel was dicontinued in the 1960′s. In 1971 restoration plans began and are still going forward, to get the property back to it’s original state. The lower rooms are used as a public library and the remaining rooms, including the 2nd story, are now a museum open for the public.

The two-story structure with a picturesque second-story porch was also owned at various times by the Meek and Cresap families of Bonaparte. It has been an apartment house, a cream station and a dwelling/gas station in 1960.

Hours: Tues., Thurs., and Sat. 1 – 5 pm.

Phone: 319-592-3651  


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