Brazelton House – Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

main_401_n_front.jpgBrazelton House – Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

Sitting on the corner of Saunders and Main St. in the town of Mt. Pleasant is this outstanding Italianate home built in 1858 by William Brazelton, a banker and developer in the community.  The home has double brick wall construction, 10 1/2 ft. to 14 ft. ceilings throughout the home, large rooms and a warmth of history.

The house was entered into the National Historic Register on 01/27/1983.  The plaque is attached to the front porch wall while the certificate hangs in the large living room.

This home is one of the “Three Sister Houses” in Mt. Pleasant.  The three houses are within a four block radius of each other, each in the Italinate design.  The Brazelton House is considered to be the most ornate and beautiful of the three. 

The history of the house tells of the many influencial guests who have been in the home over the years, including the grandson of Abraham Lincoln who had his leg set in the doctor’s office, which was located in the home.  There were two different doctors that had their office in the house over the years.

The house has 2963 sq. ft of living space and a full basement with seperate entrance. 

The house is a private residence, not open for tours. 

Location: 401 N Main St., Mount Pleasant, Iowa

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