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Old Fort Madison – Fort Madison, Iowa

Old Fort Madison - Fort Madison, Iowa   The Louisiana Territory opened up and Fort Madison was built. Today it is remembered with an accurate reconstruction of the first military fort on the upper Mississippi. Discover military life on the … [Read more...]

Oakland Mills Nature Center – Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Area

Oakland Mills sign

The Oakland Mills Nature Center outside of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa offers classes on nature, a display of the plants, animals and bugs of the area. They also have some cabins at the park for guests, There are two cabins which are heated, cooled and have a … [Read more...]

Mosquito Park – Burlington, Iowa

 Mosquito Park - Burlington, Iowa Named for its size, Mosquito Park in Burlington, Iowa is located on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River just north of downtown and boasts one of the most beautiful views in the area. This park, which dates … [Read more...]

Midwest Old Threshers Reunion – Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

Description – The annual Midwest Old Threshers Reunion, held the five days ending Labor Day each year, provides opportunities for visitors to experience the rich agricultural heritage of the Midwest through interpretive historical exhibits, many … [Read more...]

Midwest Old Threshers Heritage Museum – Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

 Midwest Old Threshers Heritage Museum - Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Description – The museum displays early farm machinery and equipment, including a large collection of Corliss stationary steam engines, steam traction engines and steam-powered … [Read more...]

Midwest Central Railroad And Midwest Electric Railway – Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

 Midwest Central Railroad And Midwest Electric Railway - Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Comprised of two groups of volunteers interested in the restoration and operation of the steam engine the collection of engines at Midwest Old Threshers (located in Mount … [Read more...]

Maharishi Vedic City Iowa

Vedic City, Iowa, USA (Maharishi) was established just outside of Fairfield, Iowa, as a city of peaceful living in this southeast Iowa area. The city and it's schools are open for tours, the culture is available for all to experience by the gracious … [Read more...]

Lewelling Quaker Museum – Salem, Iowa

Lewelling Museum

Lewelling Quaker Museum - Salem, Iowa. The underground railroad had as many as 5 homes in the Salem area for the safety of slaves escaping their "owners." This home is now a museum dedicated to that search for freedom. … [Read more...]

Lake Sugema Fish And Wildlife Area

Lacey Keosauqua State Park at Keosauquak, Iowa, is the gateway to the 574-acre lake and 3,600 fish and wildlife area. First stocked in 1992, the lake is quickly becoming one the Iowa's premier largemouth bass fisheries. Creel surveys indicate the lake … [Read more...]

Keokuk Veterans’ Memorial – Keokuk, Iowa

Keokuk Veterans' Memorial - Keokuk, Iowa This beautiful monument sets at the entrance of Oakland Cemetery, 18th and Carroll Streets in Keokuk. The Veterans' Memorial dedicated on July 4, 2005 is a tribute to the men and and women who served with honor … [Read more...]