Union County Historical Village And Museum – Creston, Iowa

creston_village.jpgUnion County Historical Village And Museum – Creston, Iowa

The county is developing an 1890s village in McKinley Park. The buildings are furnished with period pieces. The village is composed of 16 buildings including a general store, church, school, railroad caboose and water tower, harness shop, barber shop, blacksmith shop, fire station, machine building, mill house, log cabin, house and 1896 barn. A museum is set a short distance apart, so as not to detract from the village aspect. A caboose has been moved to the area.

Admission – None

Directions – south end of McKinley Park

Hours – The historical complex is open daily, seven days a week, June through Labor Day weekend, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Phone – (515) 782-4247 or (515) 782-4405 


  1. this sounds sooooooooo cool this makes me want to come and visit iowa

  2. Randy Worth says:

    In the 50′s and early 60′s, Iowa Souhtern Utilities had an office in Lorimor. The store front was eventually closed and then shared space in the Whitehead Home Appliance store owned by my Grand Father, Ted Whitehead. At some point, Iowa Southern closed this service as well but left their office desk in the store. When it was time to clear my grand parents home, I came to own the Iowa Southern office desk. It is a very large wooden desk and in very good condition, double pedistal with file drawer and locking center drawer. It also has a wooden change holder in the center drawer, used to make change when people paid their utility bills.

    I am wondering if this would be a piece the museum would want? If so, I would be happy to donate it in memory of Ted and Mercedes Whitehead.

  3. David Shipp says:

    This is one of literally hundreds of fascinating places in Iowa. I have traveled in 29 states and Iowa has the most interesting historical and nature sites of any state. Many of them are open year round. Some are in small towns and others in large cities. And Iowa is also close to several other states so you can enjoy Iowa and also visit Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas. My favorite Iowa places: Bradford Pioneer Village in Nashua, Amana Colonies near Amana, Des Moines Blank Park Zoo, Mississippi River Aqaurium at Dubuque, Nelson Pioneer Farm at Oskaloosa, Religious Arts Museum at Logan, Dutch Village Pella, Danish Village at Elk Horn, Czech Museum at Cedar Rapids, Putnam Museum at Davenport, Little Brown Church at Nashua, George Maier Museum at Elkader, Childrens Museum at Bettendorf, and Reiman Gardens at Ames

  4. K Touvell says:

    Hello, is there someone I can contact at historical society, will be visiting May 4 and 5, 2011 and have questions about society holdings in Creston. thanks so much kathy touvell Looking for Geddes and Cheney famillies in 1860,1870,1880.

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