Johnny Carson Birthplace – Corning, Iowa

Johnny Carson Birthplace – Corning, Iowa Born in 1925 this successful entertainer brought joy and laughter to millions during his broadcast career.

Johnny Carson with the impish grin that intrigued people from all walks of life was born in Corning, Iowa. His father was the manager of the local utility company. His mom, Ruth, was responsible, primarily, for raising Johnny and his older sister, Catherine and younger brother, Richard.

For 30 years, Johnny was the host of the extremely popular TV show: The Tonight Show. His guest lists inclued a wide range of people from his first babysitter to the US Presidents!

Johnny Carson died on January 23, 2005 from emphysema.

The birth home is being restored with period furnishings by the Johnny Carson Birthplace Society which was organized in July of 2006.

The future holds a museum, gift shop and theater for visitors to enjoy the "Best of Carson."

Location: 500 13th St., Corning, Iowa (Highways 34 and 148) 

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