Prairie Trails Museum Of Wayne County – Corydon, Iowa

priairetrails.jpgPrairie Trails Museum Of Wayne County – Corydon, Iowa

In this museum, in Corydon, Iowa, the exhibit “Prairie to Present” traces the various ages of a heartland prairie. More than 40,000 artifacts are available for use in the displays showing the area’s history from the ice age until now. Here, too, visitors can look at old vehicles, farm machinery, and examples of the Wayne County wildlife. The museum has developed a late 1890s “Main Street” with some small store and shop replicas and also depicts rooms in a home. Of special interest in the Main Street is a bank safe robbed by Jesse James. There is also a Mormon exhibit because the Mormon Trail going from Nauvoo, IL to Salt Lake City, UT passed nearby.

admission prices:  Adults $5.00

College Student $3.00

7th-12 grade $2.00

Kindergarten – 6th $1.00

Special Tour Rates

Open April 15-Oct 31    April, May 1-5pm daily   June, July, Aug- 10am – 5pm Mon – Sat, 1 – 5pm, Sunday.    Sept, Oct 1pm – 5pm daily

Directions – on State Highway 2 three blocks east of downtown

Phone – 641-872-2211

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