Keokuk National Cemetery – Keokuk, Iowa

Keokuk National Cemetery - Keokuk, Iowa This is one of just twelve original national cemeteries designated by the U.S. Congress. During the Civil War, the presence of the College of Physicians and Surgeons caused the federal government to locate … [Read more...]

Rand Park – Keokuk, Iowa

  Rand Park - Keokuk, Iowa This park overlooks the Mississippi River at one of the river’s most breathtaking points. Scenic Rand Park was formed in 1882 from former cow pastures. The park is named for George Rand, Keokuk’s mayor at the … [Read more...]

Keokuk Veterans’ Memorial – Keokuk, Iowa

Keokuk Veterans' Memorial - Keokuk, Iowa This beautiful monument sets at the entrance of Oakland Cemetery, 18th and Carroll Streets in Keokuk. The Veterans' Memorial dedicated on July 4, 2005 is a tribute to the men and and women who served with honor … [Read more...]

The Miller House Museum – Keokuk, Iowa

The three–story, 12–room brick home was built by Justice Samuel Miller in 1857 in Keokuk, Iowa. The Museum is owned and operated by the Lee County Historical Society. The home was built by Samuel Freeman Miller in 1859 at a cost of $13,000. … [Read more...]


INTERNATIONAL L-BIRD CONVENTION - Keokuk, Iowa. 15th Annual World Wide L-Bird Convention July 19 - 21, 2007. All IBDA, ILPA, Military Trainers Warbirds and enthusiasts, WELCOME! … [Read more...]

George M. Verity Riverboat Museum – Keokuk, Iowa

George M. Verity Riverboat Museum - Keokuk, Iowa The paddle boat was built in Dubuque, Iowa by the U.S. Government in 1927. The George M. Verity was donated to the City of Keokuk in 1961 after being retired from service. … [Read more...]

DuPont’s Iowa Powder Mills (Powdertown)- Keokuk, Iowa

DuPont's Iowa Powder Mills (Powedertown)- Keokuk, Iowa. Powdertown, or, the Iowa Powder Mills were part of DuPont's expansion during the late 1800's. Black blasting powder was what they manufactured here, and was sold and shipped to various mining … [Read more...]

Civil War Reenactment – Keokuk, Iowa

Civil War Reenactment - Keokuk, Iowa. Experience the 21th Annual Battle of Pea Ridge on April 25 - 27, 2008. If you are interested in the Civil War, want to get "up close and personal" with history then you will truly enjoy your time at the … [Read more...]

24rd Annual Bald Eagle Appreciation Days – Keokuk, Iowa

24rd Annual Bald Eagle Appreciation Days - Keokuk, Iowa. View eagles in their natural habitat. Winter Home of the Largest Concentration of Bald Eagles on the Mississipppi River. If you enjoy the beauty and power of the Bald Eagle you will certainly … [Read more...]

“Medicine Eagle” Gathering of the People PowWow – Keokuk, Iowa

"Medicine Eagle" Gathering of the People PowWow - Keokuk, Iowa. All drums, dancers and public welcome. During Bald Eagle Days on January 19 - 20, 2008 there will be a PowWow for all to see. Even if you have never been to one, don't really … [Read more...]