Jasper County Museum – Newton, Iowa

 Jasper County Museum - Newton, Iowa This museum in Newton features, among other items, the Maytag washing machine historical exhibit since the washing machine industry began when F. L. Maytag introduced the manufacture of a hand-powered washer in … [Read more...]

Maytag Dairy Farm – Newton, Iowa

Maytag Dairy Farm - Newton, Iowa This is a farm developed in Newton by the Maytag family. It produces many cheeses but is known especially for its blue cheese. Visitors can view a videotape that describes the history and making of this special cheese. … [Read more...]

Sugar Grove Vineyards – Newton, Iowa

 Sugar Grove Vineyards - Newton, Iowa The vineyard offers cold-climate grapes to provide the best wine the midwest can produce. They have award winning wines for your enjoyment. You are welcome to sit under the trees, sip wine and enjoy the … [Read more...]

Jasper Winery – Newton, Iowa

   Jasper Winery - Newton and now Des Moines, Iowa This vineyard grows over six varieties of French-American grapes, including Chancellor, Foch, St. Croix, Edelweiss, Seyval Blanc and La Crescent, which are bred to withstand Midwestern winters. … [Read more...]

Iowa Speedway – Newton, Iowa

    Iowa Speedway - Newton, Iowa The newest NASCAR track in the nation is at Newton. Season tickets are available as are one race only tickets. The 2008 racing schedule begins in April and ends in September. For a fun, fan filled … [Read more...]

Amboy Trail Ranch – Newton, Iowa

    The Amboy Ranch closed in 2008.   Amboy Trail Ranch - Newton, Iowa On this working ranch in Newton, Iowa, visitors can take a relaxing trail ride through one-hundred acres of woodland. Here they can watch different types of … [Read more...]