Salt and Pepper Museum – Traer, Iowa

Salt and Pepper Museum - Traer, Iowa Something different and so much fun awaits you in Traer, Iowa. Come and see the HUGE salt and pepper collection in this unique museum. The city approved a $12,500 (collected in sales tax) purchase of 14,400 pairs … [Read more...]

Wilson Preserve – Traer, Iowa

    Wilson Preserve - Traer, Iowa This preserve has been developed as a tall grass prairie reconstruction. It was begun in 1990, and is now a living museum of 75 prairie flowers and 10 varieties of grasses on two acres. Also on the site … [Read more...]

Winding Stairs – Traer, Iowa

    Winding Stairs - Traer, Iowa The stairway makes 1 1/2 revolutions and weighs 2,000 pounds. It consists of 23 steps. The stairs are the entrance to the second story of the old Star-Clipper building which is on the National Register of … [Read more...]