49images.jpgNATHANIEL HAMLIN PARK in Audubon, Iowa, was formerly the Audubon County Home, the Museum includes early 1900s furnishings, pioneer farm machinery and antique windmills. It includes the museum, a wilderness area with two resident elk, seven acres of native timber, antique farm machinery, the world’s largest nail collection, a little red schoolhouse, and 18 antique windmills donated by local farmers. 

Location: One mile south of Audubon on Hwy. 71, Audubon, Iowa 50025

Open: 1-4 Sat.-Sun., May-Sep., or by appointment

Phone: 712-563-3984  


  1. Patricia Allen Wolk says:

    I live in Fresno California. Nathaniel Hamlin and Peggy Poague were my great great grandparents. I went to Iowa for a family reunion sometime in the 90s and wish I’d traveled to Iowa before and since. What beautiful country.
    My father was Elmer Millard Allen. Would love to know the source of his middle name “Millard.”

  2. I have forwarded your inquiry on to the Audubon, Iowa Chamber of Commerce and requested that they contact you directly with a response.

    Pat Watson, Editor

  3. Judith Stearns Rutscher says:

    I have not visited the Nathaniel Hamlin Park, but will surely do so in the near future. My grandmother was Lorena Thomas Witham, daughter of Benjamin Franklin Thomas and Sarah Rosanna Hamlin. My grandmother was a proud member of the Daughters of Union Veterans. I would love to hear from other descendents of Nathaniel Hamlin.

    My grandmother claimed to have been the first white child born in Audubon County. She grew up in Exira.

  4. Donna Phillips Carriker says:

    Nathaniel & Margaret Hamlin were my Great-Great Grandparents. Their daughter, Susan Parker, married my Great-Grandfather, John Veeder Plantz, gave birth to my Grandmother, Alida Margaret, who in turn married my Grandfather Frederick Eugene Turner & bore my mother, Gladys Mildred, who married my father, Jesse Clarence Phillips. My husband Sam & I have been married 55 years, have 8 children, many grands & greats, so there are many, many more decendants of Natty & Peggy!

  5. liz pember miller says:

    Nathaniel Hamlin is my Dad’s (Harold Hamlin Pember) great-great grandfather.
    Nathaniel’s daughter Susan had a daughter Melvina, (sister to Alida). Melvina
    is my Dad’s mother. Alida lived with Melvina (& my Dad) for awhile, but my
    Dad doesn’t remember Gladys Mildred!!!!! Did she have a nickname?
    I would love to hear from anyone who knows my family. My Dad is 92
    and I would like to reach out to his family!

  6. liz pember miller says:

    Was Nathaniel related to Hannibal Hamlin, Lincoln’s
    VP? My Dad thinks they were cousins??????

  7. Nathaniel Hamlin was my great-great-great grandfather, and Nathaniel Douglas Hamlin was my great-great grandfather. I will be visiting Exira for the first time this weekend for the burial of my great-aunt. Looking forward to seeing the park and other sites to which my family has ties! I’ve got a list of descendants going back to Robert Poage, who was the great-great grandfather of Margaret Poage, as well as a picture of Nathaniel and Margaret with Poage siblings and spouses. I believe my grandma has a book about the history of the family and the area. I’d love to know some of my distant relatives!

  8. Nancy Hamlin Offield says:

    Hello Hamlin Cousins,

    I’m a gr-granddaughter of Nathaniel and Margaret Poage Hamlin through their son Nathaniel Douglas Hamlin and Elva Crane. I live in Missouri, about 25 miles northeast of Kansas City and have been researching the Hamlin and allied families for almost 30 years and have fond memories of many trips to Exira over the years for the 4th of July celebrations and family reunions.
    I am wondering if any of you might be interested in having a Hamlin Family Reunion this fall at the Hamlin Park there in Audubon? I have made some memorials for the family on Find A Grave if anyone is interested in checking them out and possibly linking your family to them. Looking forward to hearing from many new cousins.


  9. Kristin says:

    Hello I visited the park about 8 years ago when I first started genealogy-Nathaniel is my gggreat grandfather through Hannah and Charles-an dson John Arthur. It was a nice trip and would love to return.

  10. I am one of many great great grandsons of Nathaniel Hamlin. I was there back in 1982 and it was a weekend they were having a function at the park and we were in the front page of the paper. My great grandfather was Robert E Lee Hamlin he was born in 1865 and died in 1960. I was nine when he died and was really great to me. I was left the safe that was used when my great great grand father was the post master. I want to come back to visit with my grand daughters.

  11. Donna Carriker says:

    Liz Pember Miller–My grandmother, Alida , was probably single when she stayed with your people, so my mother, Gladys Mildred, was not born yet! This is more than likely why your Dad does not remember her.

  12. Chelle Murray says:

    I would love to speak to anybody about this line. I am not a descendent of Nathaniel and Margaret but their daughter in law Elva is a distant cousin of mine. Her great grandfather Noah Jacob Huss is my 5th great grandfather.

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