Atlantic Iowa Attractions – Atlantic, Iowa

Atlantic Iowa.jpgAtlantic Iowa Attractions – Atlantic, Iowa


The town of Atlantic is proud of their City Park and the things there are to enjoy and remember.  The War Memorial commemorates those that so gallantly served their country in the different wars is located on the east side of the park.  Also located in the park is the Log Cabin which was placed in the park by the Rotary Club Bicentennial Project in 1976. Originally built by built by John Gingery in 1863 this 14 ft. by 18 ft. cabin shows the home life accommodations of the time.  Can you imagine living in something that small now?  How about no running water or computer?   Both of these can be seen in the park on 6th.

Another park in town, Sunnyside Park,  hosts the Old School  House which is maintained by the Lions Club for tours of those that want to see what it was like to go to school "in the olden days" (which weren’t really that many years ago)

Then there is the annual Coca-Cola Days celebration. The event, held annually the fourth weekend in September, features a Show, Swap & Sell meet, kiddie parade, and annual meeting of the Iowa Chapter of Coca-Cola Collectors. The Show, Swap & Sell is the second largest mini-convention for Coca-Cola collectors in the nation.  All Coca-Cola fans should make a real effort to come to the celebration, you will find others that also enjoy the conversations and memorabilia of the drink and make new friends or see old ones!




  1. Richard Powlen says:

    Is the Coca-cola Collector’s convention still scheduled for the last weekend in September for 2008? Please have someone send me information and reservation forms if it is still scheduled for this year.
    I am a member of the Coca-Cola collectors club but the June Collectors news did not mention the event at Atlantic, Iowa this year? I thought maybe it had been cancelled due to the flood disasters in Iowa?

    Richard Powlen
    4770 N CR 575 E
    Brownsburg, IN

  2. Good morning,

    I have sent a request off to the Chamber of Commerce in Atlantic to have them respond to your inquiry with the most current information on the festival.

    Atlantic is not near any rivers that caused the horrific flooding in Iowa so I assume the festival will proceed as scheduled, but I want you to have the most current information.

    Thank you for contacting for assistance.

    Pat Watson


  3. Thank you Pat for your timely response and I am looking forward to hearing from them.



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